ITV Driver Required for UAE


Job Description

ODEPC conduct recruitment of ITV drivers required for UAE

Vacancy details

Vacancy : 100 nos

Candidates Selection Criteria

  • Age Criteria: 25-41
  • Driving License – Heavy Vehicle GCC and/or UAE License holders Preferred, Indian Trailer License is MUST
  • Education Level: 10th Standard Passed Mandatory
  • Physical Appearance: Candidates should be Fit and Clear from any pre existing illnesses , major surgeries or disabilities . Candidates should not be overweight.
  • Candidates should not have visible Tattoos and is flexible to trim and/or fold long Beard.
    Level of English Communication: Candidates should be able to read and comprehend in English.
    Vaccination – fully vaccinated.

Employment Terms and Conditions

  • Basic Salary: AED.900/
  • Food Allowance : AED.300/-
  • Accommodation: Shared Accommodation
  • Work Nature Allowance: AED.750/-
  • Total Gross Salary: AED.1,950/- per month
  • Training Period: The employee should successfully complete the training period and pass all exams prior formally being appointed as ITV Driver. During the training period the employee will be paid Basic Salary and Food Allowance ONLY.

Job Purpose

To transport internal containers from quayside to yard thereby providing support to container terminal operations.


  • To transport Containers from quay side(vessel) to yard locations appearing in the Pager in a safe and
    effective manner
  • To transport containers from assigned vessels using tractors to specific allocated positions therefore adding
    support to container terminal operations.
  • To perform all activities in accordance to DP World Safety standards therefore contributing to a safe working
  • To pre-check trailers before operating such as fuel engine oil, water coolant and tyre for better efficiency
    during operations.
  • To ensure tractors are maintained at all times and report any repair work needed to foreman for maintenance

Those who are interested, send your CV and passport copy to on or before 24th January 2024


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